Integrative Health Coach services deliver high-quality, individualized results to help people feel better and thrive. People are guided in their personalized process for transformation.

Jeannine Walston supports clients with success through her specialized health and wellness coaching services. Through Jeannine's extensive professional work and many health challenges, she acquired insights and knowledge to support various people with a desire for improved health, healing, and happiness. 

Central to Jeannine's purpose is innovating, invigorating, and integrating the ‘whole’ person as an Integrative Health Coach and Healing Focus Program. That contains 5 essential components: the physical body, mind-body connection, spiritual vitality, social support, and a cleaner environment. Jeannine has expertise with these whole person areas and a strong passion to incorporate vitality for others. 

Every journey of each person in life is unique. During the professional work together, Jeannine's services combine approaches for each individual to succeed and optimize vibrancy. 

Work with Jeannine

Contact Jeannine here. Based on your interest, she will email you a questionnaire in which you can further expand the topics you’d like covered during our meeting. Once she receives it, Jeannine will prepare for the first session. There are also further sessions, research, and the Integrative Health Coaching Package.

Clarity and Transparency

The first session comprises a review of your questionnaire, preparation, and 75 minutes together in which Jeannine learns more about each client, provides some recommendations and resources, and if interested, begins the foundation for an ongoing plan. The cost is $225.

Further sessions for 60 minutes are available at $145 per hour.

The Integrative Health Coaching Package is intelligently designed, flexible, and expands to address individual needs through the Healing Focus Program. The price for the first consultation and three one-hour sessions totals $615 (saves $45) or the first consultation and six one-hour sessions totals $915 (save $180). 

Without exception, this comprehensive partnership encompasses:

  • The creation of a more detailed plan and strategies.

  • Address specific needs that need to be added over time and with a commitment.

  • Use strategies related to the whole person and goals on specific topics for each person. 

  • Provide support to reduce chronic diseases and other health challenges for optimal health and healing.

  • Incorporate better beliefs, behaviors, and being proactive.

  • Complete accountability with emphasis on tasks and timelines.

As an advocate and coach, the information Jeannine Walston provides is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment, or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

Payments are made at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment through PayPal.

Contact Jeannine todayincluding any question about integrative health coaching.


Jeannine is a deep listener, has wisdom, and a broad knowledge of lifestyle, wellness, and integrative approaches. She knows about healing emotionally and physically, as well as finding joy in life when dealing with challenges.
— E.F.
Jeannine has a true understanding of the body as a whole, and how mind and spirit play a major role in one’s health. She is kind, caring, and extremely helpful.
— C.S.
I have known Jeannine as a colleague for many years. She has outstanding integrity, and a wealth of knowledge and experience working to assist people with better health and wellness, both specifically in the area of cancer care as well as for general health and well-being. I highly recommend Jeannine.
— D.K.