Jeannine Walston is an expert Cancer Coach with insights and knowledge about specific approaches for each individual, including innovative conventional treatments, integrative therapies, and self-care strategies, among others. Goals are to improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.

Since her cancer diagnosis in 1998, Jeannine has navigated through three awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hundreds of treatments spanning a wide range of classifications during which her personal survivorship helped impact her professional purpose.

Cancer coaching allows Jeannine to guide you through the medical lexicon and therapeutic maze to understand countless options and open gates to paths less traveled. She chooses to partner one-on-one with you from wherever you are ‘now’ in your cancer journey.

The key is to take an important role in your cancer journey. It’s essential to feel supported as you learn more about your options and find optimized answers. A complete shift that includes a cancer coach is stellar management. 

Every cancer journey is unique. When Jeannine joins you on yours, her professional services will focus on generating a complete overview of your situation, addressing your needs, and creating an innovative cancer care plan.

Everyone benefits from enhanced improvements. Central to Jeannine's purpose is supporting the ‘whole’ person and not only focusing on cancer cells. 

Work with Jeannine

Contact Jeannine here. ‘Cancer Coach’ and your name in the subject line will fast-track our communication. Please let her know the situation, and if necessary, brief questions about work as a cancer coach. A questionnaire will be sent to you once confirmed with payment in which you can further expand the topics you’d like covered during the coaching.

Clarity and Transparency

The first session comprises a thorough review of your questionnaire, associated in-depth research and preparation, and 90 minutes together in which Jeannine learn more about who you are, and your unique situation, and whereby the process begins the foundation for a plan. The cost is $295.

Focus might include:

  • Research results about potential hospitals, practitioners, treatment, and perhaps some testing.

  • Recommendations for some specific integrative practitioners and providers.

  • Lifestyle, self-care, and integrative approaches to improve quality of life and survival.

  • Cancer survivorship care to address challenges and support cancer prevention

Further sessions and research are available at $145 per hour.

The Extended Cancer Coach Packages have two options. Ongoing sessions are also provided.

The first consultation at 90 minutes and 3 one-hour sessions at $130 total $685. 

The first consultation at 90 minutes and 6 one-hour sessions at $115 total $985.

Depending on each person and timing, the packages are intelligently designed, flexible, and expands to accurately reflect individual needs. Without exception, this comprehensive partnership encompasses:

  • Creation of a more detailed, proactive integrative cancer care plan and team.

  • Further addressing the body, mind, spirit, social and environmental health and healing.

  • Thorough investigation of patient trial opportunities, advanced testing, lifestyle enhancement program availability, and individualized, innovate, integrative anticancer treatments.

  • Expansive support for optimal brain functionality from cognitive skills to mental constructs.

  • Specifics of leading-edge treatments including those from worldwide clinics.

  • Complete accountability with an emphasis on tasks and timelines.

  • Behavior transformation tools to help each individual create confidence, self-awareness, and motivation with consistency.

Are you ready to get support through cancer coaching? Time is of the essence.

As an advocate and coach, the information Jeannine Walston provides is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment, or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

Payments must be done through PayPal once scheduled and before sending the questionnaire.  

Cancer coaching helps cancer patients and caregivers to improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.

Contact Jeannine today about cancer coaching, and explore more information about cancer and integrative cancer care for the whole person here.

Educate and empower yourself new ways for optimal health and healing. Now is the time for better knowledge and insights. Jeannine has helped thousands of people to experience benefits. Learn some examples below. 

Testimonials and Praise

Jeannine Walston gets it because she has been there. She is an exceptional cancer coach, advocate and patient. Jeannine can translate a mountain of research and information to help you make educated and informed decisions. Quite simply, she is a blessing.
— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness advocate
Jeannine can share what she learned on her journey with others; there is simply so much to learn from and through her work — not only as a cancer coach, but also as a “life coach”. Every time I see Jeannine, she teaches me what is important in life, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
— Ted Gagliano, President, Post Production: 20th Century Fox
Jeannine Walston is a highly knowledgeable, thoughtful advocate for integrative cancer care, indeed for the most effective comprehensive and humane care for each person with cancer. She knows the territory deeply and well, personally as well as professionally.
— James S. Gordon, MD, founder & director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Thanks to Jeannine and her wealth of knowledge about all kinds of cancer and integrative strategies to deal with them, it was much easier for me to feel a sense of control in decisions I have made for my well being and healing.
— G.K., breast cancer survivor
Jeannine is a treasure. Having ‘been there and done that’ with cancer, she is an extraordinary resource for those in need of research, support, and compassion. She was a total blessing to my wife in her years with the disease — always available, always present, always relevant and always helpful.
— Robert Ansell, husband of Gabrielle Roth
I wanted information about environmental changes, the latest clinical research, mind-body therapies, and more. She researched all of my questions and came back with a wealth of knowledge to get me started–knowledge that would have taken me months to acquire. Jeannine is a coach and a helpful guide to light your path towards healing. Give her a call!
— R.B., breast cancer and brain cancer
Jeannine is one of the most inspirational and courageous people I have ever met. To have gone through not one but three brain surgeries in her still young life would be almost unimaginable for most of us, yet Jeannine has navigated these scary, daunting, frightening waters with a divine grace and optimism. As a professional in the field of integrative cancer care, Jeannine can speak with a level of experience that is unmatched, can guide with a level of knowledge that is rare, and can support with a depth of compassion that is truly heart-warming and comforting. As a cancer survivor myself, and as someone who is privileged to call Jeannine a friend, I highly recommend Jeannine and her marvelous, life-changing work.
— Bruce Cryer, Co CEO at; Renaissance Mentor; Adjunct Faculty – Stanford University; former CEO HeartMath

Learn about Jeannine Walston as a 20 year brain tumor survivor & expert about important strategies to improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.


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