Aging needs more support to positively transform lives. learn about dynamic ways to incorporate WHole vitality over 50. 

W.H.O.L.E. Vitality© helps people over 50 positively invigorate the whole person, with evaluations and strategies to thrive. As people age, benefits come from more knowledge about self-awareness, self-attention, self-acknowledgement, self-aspiration, and self-actions. In part, a personal review is conducted, and recommendations are provided about how to positively transform and embrace self-care.

W.H.O.L.E. Vitality Over 50 addresses these dynamic topics.

W: Witness who you are in learning about yourself, including your whole person

H: Healing identifies deeper aspects for individuality, with a review to ultimately create more ways to embrace and embody joy, which includes appreciating what is, let go of what is not, and cultivate gratitude

O: Optimism involves core mechanisms that believe in the extraordinary, with a focus on priorities and to engage in actions with meaning and your defined legacy

L: Longevity becomes clear through being in the moment and trusting the process with aging, support systems, and the unknown, including aspects with love, kindness, and compassion

E: Energy strengthens internal dynamics on a daily basis and becomes more awake in the process with lifestyle strategies and well-being such as exercise, movement, quality sleep, healthy foods, meditation, and being in silence and stillness

W.H.O.L.E Vitality© Over 50 provides essential new ways to truly live. The program can include ongoing sessions to track each individual in their process and offer more improvements for positive transformation.

Prices are $145 for 60 minute sessions on the phone, Skype, FaceTime, or other forms of communication, as well as in person sessions located in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for 90 minutes at $295. Also, the price for the first consultation and three one-hour sessions totals $645 (with $35 off) or the first consultation and six one-hour sessions totals $1050 (with $65 off). 

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